Cahaya Impian Masa Depan

Educational & Social Project

Reorientation and Integration

16 December 2008 03:22:pm

Persons with Special Needs and Children with Developmental Disorders:


Persons with Special Needs

In traditional Bali, people believe that being 'disabled" (mentally and physically) has his cause in the past.

It is a punishment from a previous life or a mistake in this life or even as a result from black magic.

People are ashamed to have a disable child; they still hide them.

Most parents cannot deal with the specific care these person needs.

The community avoids and makes fun out of them.

No wonder that these persons with their special needs feel misunderstood, unwanted and at the end try to become invisible.


Children with Developmental Disorders

For children with developmental disorders, there is no place in the schools.

They are "simple", "stupid" or just "crazy".

Pedagogical assistance is still not common.

Cast out of the normal system, these children are expelled from school or used as a negative example in the class.

The result is; that these children, who ask for extra attention, lose their focus and stay away from school.