Cahaya Impian Masa Depan

Educational & Social Project


  • For Indonesia

  • Bank Mandiri (14511)
  • Jalan Jendral Ahmad Yani 60
  • Singaraja 8116 - Bali
  • 145-00-0675412-7
  • Yayasan Cahaya Impian Masa Depan
  • Jl Surya Dharma 13 Tukadmungga - Bali
  • B M R I I D J A
  • For Europe

  • Bank KBC
  • (Geert van Praet)
  • Appelkantstraat 103
  • B-2530  Boechout - Belgium
  • IBAN: BE04
  • 733-0169751-31
  • K R E D B E B B
       Phone: +6285 63 97 17 30        -      Contact: info@yayasancimd.org

How does it work ? follow the link: "child sponsoring" in the left column

Who needs help ? follow the link: "the sponsor children"

All our sponsor children are sponsored


program for
persons with special needs
and children with
developmental disorders



Become a Fundraiser:
Become a fundraiser for one of our programs or projects
Schools, organizations, work
You have a new idea ? Let us know and we will help you.

Corporate partnership:
- Corporate partnership and corporate sponsorship is a perfect  opportunity for companies
 to participate in social projects.
- CIMD will guide the corporate partner to choose a project or program that suits
their interest and benefits their profile.
- Such a program can be; providing specific healthcare, sponsorship helping the poor.
- Or adopt a project; a day-care center or a fund.
- Initial ideas will be worked out between the corporate partner and CIMD, followed
by fine-tuning and budgetting.
-Once chosen a project, their interest in this project will grow and their employees
will become more involved and interested to visit the projects.
- CIMD has opportunities for corporate partners to become advisor.