Cahaya Impian Masa Depan

Educational & Social Project

Goal and Vision



» The Foundation supports in the first place "orang miskin" (= the poor people), this focus group can be expanded if the Foundation has the meaning that help is necessary.

»The Foundation shows respect for the personalyity of the person and makes no selection nor differentiate in any way on the base of:

  • religion
  • origin
  • skin colour
  • woman / man
  • social level
  • physical or mental disabilities
» The Foundation gives "opportunities" and it is only "the person" who will deceide wether he uses them or not.

» To make clear the purpose and importance of decent education.

» To give the opportunity to follow education.

  • via sponsorship
  • programs / projects inside the Foundation
  • In cooperation with the authorities and other organizations

» To make clear to the persons with special needs that they also have possibilities.

» Medical support and advice about hygiene.

» To look for fundamental solutions to change the existing situation.