Cahaya Impian Masa Depan

Educational & Social Project


Office Yayasan CIMD

27 December 2011 02:56:am

Jalan Surya Dharma PerumahaanTukadmungga LestariKabupaten - Buleleng - Singaraja - Bali+6285/ 639 717 30info@yayasancimd.org

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17 December 2008 03:09:pm

The region of AMED is situated in the east of Bali (Karangasem) with typical fishing villages and limited dive- and snorkeling tourism and mountain villages.Our project here started because a few people asked us to teach them English, so they could communicate with the tourists and/or find a job.Soon we had the impression that there where many more candidates.After taking information about the situation of education level in Tukadse, Amed,…

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17 December 2008 03:03:pm

The region of LOVINA is a new project in the north of Bali. We heard there where problems in some villages and we went there to take information. Some of these villages; Tegallinggah and Panjianom are situated on the mountain slope and partially in the forest without any decent roads.Therefore, the children go by foot (30 - 40 min) to the only available junior high school (SMP) in the neighbored…

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Reorientation and Integration

16 December 2008 03:22:pm

Persons with Special Needs and Children with Developmental Disorders:   Persons with Special Needs In traditional Bali, people believe that being 'disabled" (mentally and physically) has his cause in the past. It is a punishment from a previous life or a mistake in this life or even as a result from black magic. People are ashamed to have a disable child; they still hide them. Most parents cannot deal with…

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