Cahaya Impian Masa Depan

Educational & Social Project


17 December 2008 03:03:pm

The region of LOVINA is a new project in the north of Bali. We heard there where problems in some villages and we went there to take information.
Some of these villages; Tegallinggah and Panjianom are situated on the mountain slope and partially in the forest without any decent roads.Therefore, the children go by foot (30 - 40 min) to the only available junior high school (SMP) in the neighbored village.
For the senior high school they have to go to Singaraja, but; “no roads” also means “no bemo’s” (public transport) and so almost impossible. However, there is more, most of the local work is seasonal work (fruit) and workplaces are limited.
This means that even the junior high school is too expensive for some of the families.
Together with the Kelian Adat (responsible for the ceremonies in the village), Foundation CIMD started up the child sponsoring and step by step our involvement will increase.
The lessons basic- conversation English have become very popular and Foundation CIMD will make sure that the people reveive decent medical treatment.
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